• free
  • no registration nor installation
  • for iOS & Android
  • for SmartHome like Alexa Echo
  • for MacOS & Windows & Linux


How does Luryevents work?

You click different events [without a fixed date] together and create an iCal-Calendar compatible with your device (smartphone etc.). This calendar is provided via HTTPS and is refreshed automatically. You can insert the calendar into programs of your choice, e.g. you Calendarapp, digital Assistant like Alexa etc. You can modify your calendar (with the help of a modification link) directly on Luryevents, e.g. add more events and you dont have to change anything on your smartphone calendar settings. If you wish, you can also be informed via email regarding event changes. Luryevents is completely free and without any registration.

How can I add a new event to my existing Luryevents calendar?

Open the Access Code link which has been shown to you during last calendar generation and/or which has been sent to you via email. Now you can add you event on Luryevents with the + button. Thats all.

How do I link to my event best??

First, make sure your event already exists on Luryevents, if not, submit it. For linking on your site you can download the following ready-made Calendar Social Media Icons here:

 SVG versions without transparent background       

 PNG versions without transparent background       

 SVG versions with transparent background     

 PNG versions with transparent background     

Diese Icons können auf den eigenen Seiten eingebaut werden, z.B. wie folgt:

<a rel="follow" title="Bunte Republik Neustadt (BRN)" aria-label="Bunte Republik Neustadt (BRN)"
href="https://luryevents.com/en/event/bunte_republik_neustadt_brn-eiyzavwe" target="_blank">
<img src="https://luryevents.com/media/prom/lury_social_media_icons/lury_social_media_icon-bg_transparent_fg_black.svg">

If you need help with this, feel free to contact us...

What advantages does the Luryevents service offer?

After generating your calendar once, you never have to maintain it yourself again. Nevertheless you will be reminded automatically every year of your recurring events. Because from now on your event calendar will be maintained by Luryevents. So you will never miss an important event again. The offer of Luryevents is and remains completely free of charge and can be used without registration, because even the indication of an e-mail address for the use of the offer is optional. Event organizers finally have a central possibility on the platform to bind users to their event on a long-term basis.

How much does the offer or a membership cost?

Our offer is completely free of charge and will remain so. You can use your self-generated calendar immediately without registration or membership. Luryevents does not need any data from you!

How can I change my mail address for event notification?

Simply click on you calendar access code link (included in every luryevents notification mail) and generate a calendar. Here you can enter a new mail address, which will override you old one.

Naming / What does the Lury stand for?

The registered trademark "Lury" stands for "Let us remind you". You think/organize too much and dance too little. We would like to help you to fill your life with fun and enthusiasm - without much effort: You never have to maintain your event calendar yourself again.

Why did you use an elephant as a mascot?

The purpose of Luryevents is to be your event memory. We were looking for a symbol for this great memory: elephants have a very good memory. The zoologist Bernhard Grzimek reported in his "Encyclopedia of Mammals" an example of the amazing memory of the pachyderms. The story is about an Indian elephant guide who rewarded his animals with syrup chunks that had a fatal resemblance to pebbles. One day another mahout accidentally gave one of the elephants a stone to eat, which then took revenge four weeks later by throwing the man with the fake treat he had kept in his cheek pouch the whole time. Besides, the elefants also look very delightful/zig. ;)

I have an event and I really want it to be listed on Luryevents, what do I have to do?

Simply click on "Add event" in the menu of the website and fill out the form.

What events can I find at Luryevents?

Basically, you will find all events that have been requested by users. Further events are welcome. In the underlying NoSQL database billions of events can be processed.

Why are Luryevents only available in English/German?

Further internationalisation is being worked on. If you would like to translate, please contact us.

Where do data of the events come from?

In most cases, the data is entered directly into the system by the organizer.

How do I delete my calendar stored at Luryevents?

Simply remove the calendar from your devices and after about 6 months the calendar will be automatically deleted from Luryevents. Of course you can also request an immediate deletion with an informal email to us. Dont forget to mention the calendar link in your email. If you dont want to be notified any longer for event changes, simply click "Deactive mail-notification" link in any notification-email which you have ever received by us.

Can I use Luryevents with Google Home?

Unfortunately Google Home does not support other calendars than Google Main Calendar (ref. support.google.com). We hope Google will change these limitations in future.

I have further questions, who can I contact?

We look forward to feedback, use our contact form.